Vietnam: Flawed on Human Rights, but a Leader in Gay Rights

This blogger has been meaning to talk about this for awhile, but all source of information had been in Vietnamese and translating these information is an enormous task not be be taken by a student such as myself. Basically, this article summed up what’s happening in Vietnam right now. What I would like to add is that indirect support had materialised in several forms: we banned legal marriages and civil unions, but we’re entitled to religious and ceremonial unions, which meant you can marry in a church (provided that the church support it) without registering and you’re not fined; at the same time, amendments had already been made to ensure that gay soldiers (others not specified) are not discriminated and allowed to serve.

This is a step forward, not only for Vietnam but for the LGBT+ community. We have a long way to go, but at least some achievements have been made.

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